A Prayer for the Fall

“It is a remarkable action, difficult to define, yet unmistakable when we experience it. To accept people is to be for them. It is to recognize that it is a very good thing that these people are alive, and to long for the best for them. It does not, of course, mean to approve of everything they do. It means to continue to want what is best for their souls no matter what they do.” –John Ortberg

Hope Brooklyn:

As we move into the Fall, as our Sunday gathering rhythms deepen, as we take a retreat to the mountains together, as we kick off our TABLES—dinner parties throughout the city—and as we invite our friends, neighbors and colleagues, no matter where they are on their spiritual pilgrimage, into our friendship, our koinonia, may this be our hearts.

May we be a people of explosive joy, a people of deep celebration, a people free of anxiety and judgment and self-obsession, a people quick to extend grace and even quicker to extend forgiveness, a people of deep, belly-aching laughter, because we are a witnessing-people with eyes only for the resurrected Christ and for the world which He so loved that He came to save.

May we accept people warmly. May we include people liberally. May we pray for what is best for them. May we be present to one another regardless of the situation or the brokenness. May we never tire of forgiving one another. May we run to pick each other up after we fall. May we throw ridiculous parties! May we love even more ridiculously. And may we continue to want what is best for souls simply because we are for one another, as Christ is for us.

1 week until we gather in our new home.

2 weeks until TABLES kick off.

3 weeks until our Fall Retreat.

8 weeks until our first Preview Service.

Buckle up Hope Brooklyn. It’s going to be a phenomenal Fall.