Welcome Team

We are the Welcome Team. We host the party. We clean the house and set up the living room. We answer the door and give the hug. We exchange stories and connect to someone inside.


Prayer & Communion Team

We are the Prayer & Communion Team. We listen, encourage, and pray with and for the community on Sundays and throughout the week. We help serve at The Table, and we celebrate, lament and stand with all in need.

Hope Families Team (Kids/Tots/Nursery)

We are the Hope Kids & Tots Team. We prepare and create environments that welcome families. We inspire young hearts and cultivate young imaginations through the story of God, and we send our children into the community knowing God's story and who they are in it.

The Reservoir Team (Youth)

We are the Reservoir Youth Team. We exist to create a meaningful space for youth to explore the gospel narrative alongside the youth in and around our community by encouraging open dialogue, fostering honest relationships, and of course, eating together.

Production Team

We are the production team. We encourage and enable participation in worship. We provide the technical means by which the gospel can be seen, heard, and experienced in the worship space through light, sound, and projection.

Brunch Team

We are the Brunch Team. We gather the family, prepare the feast, and wash the dishes. We set the table and create the space around which the family is formed.

Music Team

We are the Music Team. As part of the story that has been, we look God in the face, and with remembrance and gratitude, agree that we are made in his image. With the whole of our being, as one community with one voice, we respond. we sing. Because God asked us to.


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Joining a serving team at Hope has empowered me to use the gifts God has given me in an immediately tangible way, reminding me how we’re all a part of the family of God called together as the body of Christ.