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We don't babysit, we cultivate imaginations.

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Our main philosophy for the children’s ministry is equipping kids and their parents with the tools necessary to experience God everyday.
— Katherine Ruggiero, Hope Brooklyn community member

Our Philosophy

"Our main philosophy for the children's ministry is that we aren't just teaching children for an hour on Sunday, but equipping them and their parents with the tools necessary for them to experience God everyday in whatever way that looks like for them. A relationship with God is so personal, and we strive to build a space where children can cultivate that relationship with God in their own way, and in a way that is appropriate for their ages. 

In many churches around the country there tends to be a divide between "big church" and "kids church". Churches will keep these two separate, which I think is a huge loss! Children breathe life into a church, they give laughter to a church, they teach a church. This is why Hope Brooklyn works to invite the kids into the church whenever possible; they play with us when we go ice skating, they read bible verses at Christmas service, and they worship with us every Sunday before being dismissed to go to their classrooms.

At Hope Brooklyn, your children will participate in safe and age-appropriate environments learning the foundational stories of God. Whether through our nursery (0-2 years), Hope Tots (Pre-K), or Hope Kids (K-5th), you can expect the story of Jesus communicated in a relevant and fun way that your children will love.

Contact the incredible grace@hopechurchnyc.org for more information about what to expect on Sunday!